Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Husband: My Perfect Example

Greg had Monday off (President's Day), and I had a long honey-do list (in my head). We need to paint Macy's room, we need to hang the curtains I bought a week ago, we need to clean the carpets, etc. Instead...Greg taught me what was most important. He took the kids while I went to the gym. When I got home, he bundled up all three of them, took them to the carwash, and then took them to McDonalds. When he got home, we put Macy and Paige down for a nap. He spent the entire time playing World of Warcraft Dinosaurs. This is a game that Austin made up using his plastic dinosaurs, cavemen, and "dino money." Greg got down on the floor with them, helped him set up and entire dino world, and then acted out this game with Austin. They probably played for over two hours. Afterward, we took the entire family bowling for Family Home Evening. When we got home, he took the kids downstairs to play in the play room while I made dinner. if he hadn't done enough already...Greg helped me put the kids to bed and clean up the kitchen.

The best part is that he was patient, fun, and happy the entire day. He didn't do any of this to earn "points" from me; he did it because he is a great father. It made me think of that saying, "The most important things in life are not things." As a result, Macy's room is still blue with dark blue racing stripes, our windows are still naked, and the floors are filthy. But, my children have memories that will last forever and they know how much their Dad loves them! It brings tears to my eyes just writing about it. Greg, thank you so much for this example. I love you, and you teach me more than you realize.

Jen posted a quote from Elder Holland from the World Wide Leadership Training a couple of weeks ago. I stole her quote (thanks, Jen) because all of her thoughts have really made me ponder what is most important in this life.

Elder Holland: "I’ve often thought, and I’ve said to my own children, that those parents who kept going past Chimney Rock and past Martin’s Cove (and sometimes didn’t get farther than that) and those little graves that are dotted all across the historic landscape of this Church—they didn’t do that for a program, they didn’t do it for a social, they did it because the faith of the gospel of Jesus Christ was in their soul, it was in the marrow of their bones. That’s the only way those mothers could bury that baby in a breadbox and move on and say, “The promised land is out there somewhere. We’re going to make it to the valley.” Well, that’s because of covenants and doctrine and faith and revelation and spirit. If we can keep that in our families and in the Church, maybe a lot of other things start to take care of themselves. Maybe a lot of other things sort of fall off the wagon. I’m told those handcarts could only take so much. They had to choose what they took. And maybe the 21st century will drive us to decide, “What can we put on this handcart?” It’s the substance of our soul; it’s the stuff right down in the marrow of our bones. We’ll have blessed family and Church if we can cling to the revelations."

After this quote, Jen posted the question, "What would you throw off the handcart?" After watching Greg with our children on Monday, it is apparent to me that he understands what is most important.


La Toya said...

I hope and pray I will one day find a husband like Greg! I have only ever heard great things about him.

Elizabeth said...

Yep he is a GOOD one! He is such a great husband and father. He is an example to all of us.

Kristy said...

He sounds like a great guy! You are blessed!

Jen said...

AH!! That's so sweet. Greg gets kudos! You guys looove eachother. It's very apparent just by watching you.

Amber said...

Creative dads are the best! Sounds like Greg is a good one. I love WOW Dinosaurs- maybe Austin will need to teach it Dallin, a fellow WOW son!