Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kade Age 4

Nicknames: Kadester
  • My most sensitive, loving, sweet child. He is always saying, "I love you, Mama" or "I sure like you."
  • He loves his Mama. He is mine. 
  • He is our peacemaker. He doesn't like anybody to be in trouble, and always tries to set it straight.
  • He tends to stutter a little when talking, especially when he's really excited.
  • Loves "Cat-in Hook" (translation: Captain Hook), Mater, and monster trucks.
  • Loves reading stories.
  • Is up almost every night, and loves climbing in our bed. He is almost always the first one up in the morning.
Birthday Interview
Favorite color: blue
Favorite thing to do: Play with trucks
Favorite friend: "Bence is"
Favorite food: cottage cheese
Favorite show: Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Favorite book: Bitsy, Bitsy Spider
Favorite song: ABCs
Favorite animal: Koala. They like to climb trees and eat seaweed.
Favorite place to go: To Mars. He's in space.
What is Dad's name: Greg
What does Daddy like to do:
What is Mom's name: Emily
What does Mommy like to do: Work on the computer.

Spencer Age 4

Nicknames: Bence, Bencerton, Spence, Bencey

  • Knows what he wants and will go to great lengths to get it. 
  • Super stubborn and usually the creator of various playtime scenarios.
  • Always has a spring in his step - literally, he bounces more than runs.
  • Loves to sing!!! He sings constantly! "I Am a Child of God," the theme from "Little Einstein's," and "Bitsy, Bitsy Spider" are some of his favorites.
  • Laughs a lot!
  • My best sleeper! Still takes a good nap and climbs into bed every night without argument. 
  • Obsessed with "Nightning N'King" (translation: Lighting McQueen)
Birthday Interview:

Favorite color: green
Favorite animal: snake (it starts with an "S" which is "his letter" so the snake is "his animal")
Favorite TV show: Little Einstein's Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Favorite Song: "When I was a Child of God"
Favorite Teacher: Max and Cash
Favorite Book to Read: Froggie Went a Courtin
Best Friend: Chase - "He is my favorite."
Dad's Name: Greg
Dad's Middle Name: Greggy
Mom's Name: Emily
Mom's Middle Name: Eek
How old is Mommy: 1 (holds up one finger)
How old is Daddy: 10 (holds up all his fingers)
What does Mommy like to do: "Good fings (translation: things)."
What is your favorite thing to do: Play trains
What's the grossest thing you can think of: "Really yucky in my mouth? Uh...soap."
What's your favorite food: Bugs (macaroni and cheese)

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Monday, June 3, 2013

4 Years Old!!!

These boys...

Spencer and Kade turned 4 on May 9th!!! They have been so excited for their birthday. They woke up with green (Spencer's favorite color) and blue and pirate balloons tied to their bed. They opened some toys from Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa (they finally got Mack from the "Cars" movie). And they were surprised by their Big Wheels! They rode them around the house, and after the kids went to school, we took them to the Parkway where they could really take off.

Their legs are just a tiny bit too short to really make the wheels work. But, if they point their toes and get going, they do a pretty good job. Kade really took off!!!

This next picture cracks me up! I can't tell you how many times I catch them doing the exact same thing at the exact same time. It's hilarious (and fascinating) to have twins!

When Paige was done with Kindergarten, we all went to the bounce house for a "party." Cash and Chase came along, and we had some yummy pizza and bounced to our hearts content. We were the only people there for most of the time. When we got there, they were still blowing them up. The kids got a kick out of watching them flat on the floor to giant, blow-up slides and obstacle courses. They had a blast!!! Chase gave them a dream light (Spencer became obsessed with them after Taelyn got one for her birthday, and was absolutely convinced that he was getting one for his birthday as well), and Cash brought them pirate dress ups.

On Sunday, we had everyone over for cake. The boys really wanted a pirate ship cake, but I opted for a pirate hat. They were thrilled (mostly because I decorated with chocolate gold dablooms - as they say on "Jake and the Neverland Pirates").

It really is so much fun to have twins. I love that they have each other - always! I think they get along pretty well (for being two toddlers that are together 24/7). They are fiercely loyal to each other, and they will defend each other against anyone who is picking on the other (even Mom and Dad). They say, "Hey Austin! You be nice to my bruder!" It's pretty adorable! 


They are true boys who love to wrestle. Spencer sucks his thumb when he's sad or tired, and Kade has a serious ear fetish. He constantly plays with people's ears and sucks his lips. It's his comfort. He loves men's ears because they are generally bigger. But you can just forget it if you think you can touch his ear!

I can't believe that these two have been a part of our family for four years already! I remember being pregnant with them and driving up to Bear Lake. The kids had all fallen asleep, and Greg and I were talking. We talked about how crazy it was that we were about to add two more people to our family: two more individuals...two more personalities...two more talents...two more opinionated, stubborn, wonderful little souls. (We were just basing the "opinionated, stubborn" part on our own genetics and the way the other three had turned out. We weren't wrong.)

Here we are, four years later. Greg and I still occasionally look at each other and say, "How in the world do WE have twins?!?" And they are definitely holding their own in our loud, crazy family. They have their own likes, dislikes, abilities, sense of humor, idiosyncrasies, and opinions. We sure adore them, and are so very grateful that they are a part of our family!!!

Love you Spencer and Kade!!!