Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Board Member

This is a little political - so beware. As many of you know, I serve on the board of Austin's charter school, Entheos. First of all, I want to express our reasoning for sending Austin to this school. It is not that I think our traditional public schools are all horrible. On the contrary, there are some fabulous schools around. I am very impressed by some of the things I hear about that happen at the school where most people in our neighborhood send their kids. We chose Entheos because the programs seem to fit Austin's needs. My sister-in-law sends her kids to a charter school in Alpine. These two schools could not be more different. However, that school is a better "match" for their family. Secondly, charter schools are public schools. We get our funding (almost) the same way that traditional public schools get their funding.

Anyway...we are currently looking for a person within the community to serve on our board. All of the current members are parents of children within the school. While this is not necessarily bad, someone whose children do not attend tend to be a little more objective at times. I was wondering if anyone would be interested, or would know of anyone who might be interested. The school is located in Kearns (6200 South and about 4800 West), and we do have a large minority population. As of last year, only two elementary-age charter schools existed on the West side of Salt Lake City - the rest are on the East side in much more affluent areas. This is another reason that I am serving on the board. Even if my children do not stay there long-term, I believe so strongly that the children on the West side deserve the same opportunities as those on the East side. I know that it is so difficult to even think about adding one more thing to your plate. I actually turned down the offer twice before becoming a member. But, I do believe that I am helping our community, and where politics is not an option for me, this is my way to "give back."

The main requirement is that the person interested must believe in our core values and mission statement. I should make it clear that the founders of this school (amazing people who I have been so very blessed to know) do not believe in a lot of homework (I said "a lot" not "none"), and they believe that each child has different gifts and capabilities that should be manifest in their schooling. Another fundamental belief is that they are not "teaching to a test," instead, they firmly believe that if we can teach kids how to learn and how to love learning, then it will become a life-long endeavor. If you are interested, or if you know anyone who may be interested, please let me know ASAP. Thanks!

Mission Statement:
The mission of Entheos is to inspire the rising generation to reach the heights of their potential, ignite their curiosity to venture into challenging new learning experiences, and empower them to be leaders through service, who are committed to family and community. Then……. they can achieve their goals and dreams.

Enthusiasm: We believe that learning is a choice. As we create the atmosphere and inspire the mind, students gain wisdom, understanding, and a love for learning.
Excellence: We believe students and teachers should be challenged, and that they will naturally rise to the high standards expected of them.
Leadership: We believe that through the teaching of sound leadership principles today, students will be empowered to make a difference in their world tomorrow.
Service: We believe service is vital in the development of good leaders. We make service within the classroom and the community an integral part of our curriculum.
Respect: We believe all people have value and deserve respect. Our students and staff show proper respect to others, property, and self by appropriate communication, dress, and actions.
Integrity: We believe in honesty, accountability, and diligence.
Patriotism: We believe that love for country is developed at an early age. We teach and live the principles taught by the founding fathers of the United States of America.
Individuality: We believe each student is unique and gifted. We know each individually and tailor teaching methods to fit individual needs.
Adventure: We believe outdoor adventure helps participants learn teamwork, courage, craftsmanship, perseverance, and compassion while discovering they can accomplish more than they thought possible.


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