Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Poor Little Babe

I have not slept much the past two nights because Macy has been sick. It started out on Sunday with her complaining that her legs hurt, her fingers hurt, her mouth hurts, her eyes hurt, etc. She had a restless night that night, but last night was much worse. She had a fever by dinnertime. At bedtime, I gave her the last of the Motrin. She was up maybe 8 times (no exaggeration). I didn't have any more Children's Tylenol, so I gave her a stronger dose of Infant Tylenol - it didn't work. Finally, at about 3:45, Greg got in bed with her because she was breathing so fast and her heart rate was so accelerated that it scared him. We were finally able to drift off to sleep at about 4:30. I got up around 6:30 and ran to Walmart for the real Children's Motrin and Tylenol. This morning, she ate some yogurt and toast for breakfast. She seems to do much better as long as I keep the medicine in her. She did request a nap today, so she must be pretty wiped out.
We have been blessed, though. Except for some minor stuffy noses, we haven't been sick this year. Hopefully, it will pass quickly.

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Jen said...

She's so cute...I walk in the door and the first thing she says is " I'm so sick..." I love her.