Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Big Fat Shout-Out to My Mom

My mom's the greatest! Greg and I are going out for the night to celebrate my birthday, and she is taking the kids for us (again). She volunteered to take Abby as well. She is always so willing to take them, play with them, and love them. She loves them and sees the good in them at moments when I'm just too overwhelmed and can't seem to see it. When they do something particularly naughty, my mom glows with pride and amazement at their seeming unending levels of curiosity and creativity. I think Austin was sent to her. They have a special bond that he doesn't seem to have with anyone else. I'm so grateful for her wisdom and vantage point. Plus, I can't remember the last time I sat by my husband in a movie theater without three little munchkins crawling all over us, or actually ate dinner sitting down. It's going to be a wonderful evening!

Thanks to you too, Dad, for sacrificing her for us all the time! And thanks to both of you for giving me life. I know you don't have too many fond memories of that day (neither do the nurses at Holy Cross Hospital from what I've been told), but thanks for hanging in there (and how brave of you to have more). There are so many moments when I contemplate my life and I am astonished at the many, many blessings I've been given just because I have you as my parents. You are everything to me!

Some pictures of my parents 31 years ago! Yikes!
(They must feel so old to have a 31-year-old daughter!)


Elizabeth said...

I love those pictures of when you were a baby! And your parents! That is so fun to see those. In that last one it looks like a picture of Lisa and Gavin!

Alexie said...

Look at those clothes! Look at those glasses! Look at that hair (DAD)! How did people make fun of their parents before photography?

Jen said...

OH MY GOSH!! I LOVE these pictures!! Especially your moms glasses. Priceless. And your laughing in so many of never changed! I love that about you!