Thursday, November 15, 2007

Macy Love

What can I say about this one! She should be a stand up comic. After the "naked" comment, my dad said that I am going to have to publish a book of Macyisms. I think I could write a commercial:

10 boxes of toys dumped out in one heaping pile; 1 hour of organizing and clean up...3 overflowing sinks from playing "tea party"; emergency mopping...1 unflushed toilet; a "natural" scent that lingers throughout the house...crackers ground into the carpet of every room; three different vacuums to get it all up...never ending whining about a glass of milk; 2 gallons a week...daily Disney Princess movies; 1 bottle of Excedrin...a trail of clothes leading to one naked little body; evil eye from the older neighbors..."Look Mommy - I can do 'I love you' with my fingers"; priceless.

She found a "pet" worm:

Tragedy strikes - The worm got ripped in half:


Greg said...

Jen, you are simply amazing with that camera. Macy is wonderful and I love her so much. She has a vast imagination, broad spectrum of emotion, endless reservior of tears, and a monsterous heart filled with love.

Jen said...

Thanks Greg! I love Macy...sometimes I feel like she is part of our family. Maybe someday she will be! You never know!!!

My Family said...

Love the commercial!! It could be followed by "family, isn't about time."

Emily, you are so amazing. Could you send some of that my way?!