Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Family Christmas Party

We had our Christmas Party with Greg's family on Monday night. We met at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for dinner, a program (my mother-in-law would be lost without her talent show), and cousin present exchange. It was a very pleasant evening. Everyone was there, and Grandma Morgan joined us (42 people in all). As always, Grandma was well-prepared and had coloring books and crayons to help the little kids stay quiet during the program. Brilliant, as always! Austin played his piano solos, and Macy did her dance. Paige just dropped silverware, bread, toys, etc. out of her high chair and said, "Uh-oh!" (This is her new game. Funny, she didn't throw the chocolate mousse overboard! Smart girl!) It was quite enjoyable listening to the older cousins as they performed. They are getting quite good. Then came the presents! Greg's brother commissioned a genealogical chart with pictures of all the couples and grandchildren, complete with birthdays and wedding dates. It was matted and framed beautifully. It really turned out to be gorgeous. And the best part was that we just gave them money and we were done - no shopping for my in-laws! Thanks Mike and Annie! It was a very nice evening!

I tried taking some pictures, but I don't know how to manage my flash very well. Whenever I try to get fun and creative pictures indoors, I just get frustrated because uninvited shadows ended up all over the picture. So, I took a few wide (but kind of boring) shots. But, it kind of gives you an idea of how many people attended. Then, I just got too frustrated and quit. I've got to figure out how to take indoor pictures with poor lighting. Hmmmm...

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