Friday, September 28, 2007

Yummy Recipes

I haven't felt like cooking for months - I think it was the hot, hot summer that did me in. We had our staple several times this summer (grilled chicken/salmon with rice and veggies-very exciting!). Now that it is getting cooler, I guess I should get more serious about cooking dinner. Do any of you have any favorite recipes? I like to cook, but I get bored easily. I like to try new things. Thanks!


Elizabeth said...

I'm not usually a meatloaf person but this was really good because of the glaze on top. It kind of creates a sweet and sour thing. I used only 1/4 cup milk though...3/4 seemed like too much.
I like anything that doesn't take a long time to prepare.

Elizabeth said...

Put the glaze on the top. The person who published the recipe put it on the bottom which is strange.

Alexie said...

I guess this would just be a spin on one of mom's recipes, but Stephanie makes the chicken roll ups (pockets) but she uses pilsbury grand cresent rolls instead of rhodes rolls and bread crumbs. She mashes the chicken, cream chesae, butter, and lemon pepper. Then she makes a poultry gravy to go over the top instead of the cream of chicken sauce. They're not so heavy. I like the original way a lot, but someitmes its nice to have something a little different.

Jen said...

Hey, I love
of's vegatatian- so you could just add meat for Greg. :)