Monday, September 17, 2007


Macy walked into our bedroom yesterday morning. She had just woken up and was carrying her Winnie-the-Pooh blanket. She was given this little receiving blanket as a gift as a baby. It is pink with pink satin along the edges. She goes to sleep by rubbing the satin through her fingers while sucking her thumb. She has it with her before bedtime and after she wakes up. Anyway...she walked in our room and said, "Mommy, my feelings are hurt." I said, "They are?" (After all she had only been awake about 20 seconds, how bad could the day be already?) In her most pathetic sounding voice, she said, "Yes...My feelings are broken." I think she even sighed as she climbed into our bed right in between us. I said, "That is so sad." Still quite pathetic, she responded, "Yes...I guess I can't laugh ever again." Drama Queen!

Here are some pictures of the new Barbie nightgown (it took me about 4 days to convince her that this was a nightgown and NOT a dress). There are also some pictures of her first dance class. She was the only one there. Miss Cindy was so adorable with her. They did a dance with a tiara, another dance with a magic wand, and she read her a story about a little girl who loved to dance. Macy was in heaven!


Lorin, Paige & Polly said...

How cute! I can't wait to go to little girl dance classes. :)

My Family said...

Macy is so petite. Just like her mom. Great pics!!!