Sunday, October 5, 2008

Good Morning Sunshine! and Other Random Thoughts

You know how when kids are sick, they become more clingy and needy.  Then they get better, but the "Sick Habits" tend to stick around for a little while.  My Sweet Paige is doing just that.  Last night, I woke up at 1:30 to her crying.  I let it go for a just a few minutes, but my guilt got the better of me.  (Just last week, I let her cry on and off for too long.  By the time I went in, she had gotten sick and it was everywhere.)  She immediately stood up, grabbed her blankie for me to wrap it around her, and said, "Night-night, Mommy."  So, I got her out and put her in bed with me where I existed in-between sleep and consciousness for about a half hour.  I was too tired to be fully alert, but she was squirmy and I could hear Greg's snoring and Macy's slurping from her thumb sucking (she had snuck into bed on Greg's side - She's no dummy!).  When I was sure that Paige was asleep and I could roll her from my chest onto the mattress, she very sweetly whispered, "Mom."  

I am so torn in this situation because while I desperately NEED my sleep, if I could, I would willingly stay up all night just to cuddle with her.  She is by far my best cuddler, and I don't know how long she will be my little baby.  But, I ended up putting her back in bed, carrying Macy back into her bed, and lovingly tapping Greg and suggesting he roll onto his side so the snoring would subside.  

A half hour later I was greeted by a sniffling Macy.  
Macy: "Mom, I had a bad dream, and I really want to sleep with you."  (Keep in mind that Macy does not sleep up-and-down in the bed, instead she sleeps sideways.  There have been many nights when I am awakened by a swift kick to my stomach or a fist to my nose.  No fault of hers as she is fast asleep.  But, I knew I could not let her in that bed.) 
Me: "What happened in your dream?"
Macy: "A snake bit me, so I want to sleep with you."
Me: "Where did he bite you?"
Macy: "With his mouth."
Me (chuckling): "No...Where did the snake bite your body."
Macy (lifting them up to show me): "On my hands, and I really NEED to sleep with you."
Me (thinking quickly before she climbs in): "How about if we say a prayer that you will have good dreams the rest of the night, and I'll tuck you back in your bed and start your music for you."  She reluctantly agreed and, gratefully, she spent the rest of the night in her bed.  

My amazing husband got up bright and early with the kids so I could sleep in.  I did startle myself awake at 7:30 thinking that we had to get ready for school, but settled right back in once I realized that it was Sunday.  An hour and a half later, I woke up to the sounds of Greg playing "Sorry" with Austin and Macy.  They were dressed, fed, and enjoying a Sunday morning board game.  Bless you, honey!
* * *
I rarely watch this show, but last night I sat down with a late-night snack and flipped on the TV.  It was on TV Land and had a re-run of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition."  I got completely and unabashedly sucked in!  It was about a family in Detroit.  The parents are both deaf, they have a 14-year-old son, and a younger son who was born blind and is severely autistic.  Whenever the younger son heard something outside, he would try to escape (apparently this is very common for autistic people).  The parents couldn't hear, and the house was small but arranged so that you couldn't really see from room to room, so he got out a lot and got lost.  The 14-year-old actually wrote the show because he wanted to go to college, but he was the lifeline for this family.  He spoke on behalf of his parents, and he saw on behalf of his brother.  This kid was unbelievably humble and sensitive to the needs of his family.  Unfathomable challenges and incredible family!  I watched this show and what these designers did to this small house to make it so much safer, and I was so touched.  I don't have any problems.  These people had so many obstacles to overcome and they did so with such love and optimism.  Amazing!
* * *
Paige's favorite thing to do is "Kah-wee" (color).  She is constantly coloring on any paper she can get her grubby little hands on and her cheeks, arms, and legs.  She loves it so much, I just buy "Washable" and keep the crayons and markers accessible to her.  We play the "Show Me Your" Game ("Show me your eyes.  Show me your ears.  Show me your teeth.).  When we say "Show me your nose," she plugs her nose and says, "P-U."  Lately, after she pinches her nose, she also sticks her finger up her nostril and says, "boo-gie" ("boo" as in what a ghost would say).  It is so disgusting and completely adorable at the same time.   
* * *
I forgot to mention this last week, but it is well worth documenting.  During the Sacrament Meeting Primary Program, and in the middle of one of the Primary songs, the chorister put her book on the music stand and it fell over.  Austin immediately jumped out of his seat and picked it up for her.  I forget, amidst all my expectations and his insane amount of (seemingly) uncontrollable energy, that he has been blessed with a very kind heart.  This was not unusual behavior, and I think I overlook it because it is so common.  He is always helping people in the grocery store, at school, and at home.  Just last Monday, Macy was sitting on her bed until she decided that she was ready to do her chore of sorting her dirty laundry (this is also a common occurrence).  After about 2 minutes, Macy came bouncing out of her room.  Apparently, Austin felt sorry for her and did her chore for her.  He spoils her.  He spoils all of us with his thoughtfulness and generosity.
* *
My conversation with Macy as we were leaving her field-trip to Wheeler Farm last Tuesday:
Me: What was your favorite part of the field trip?
Macy: I really liked the cows, especially the new baby cow.  But, I'm sad that I didn't get to see the cow eggs.
Me (t0tally confused): The cow eggs?
Macy: Yeah...You know the eggs before they crack and the baby cows come out.
Me (laughing): Honey, cows don't lay eggs.  Chickens lay eggs, but not cows.
Macy: Really?!? Then how do the babies come out.
Me: Just like human babies.  They grow in the Mommy's belly and come out of the Mommy's vagina.
Macy (laughing hysterically): Cows don't have berginas (her pronunciation)!
* * *
On a more appropriate note: After Elder Uchtdorf's talk yesterday, I announced to Greg that I think that he was sent for me.  He immediately said, "No.  A lot of people like him.  It's not just you."  He completely missed my point.  I am not that self-centered to believe he was sent just for me, but I have been so touched by his thoughts this past week.  I also LOVED President Monson's thoughts today on enjoying the journey and living in the moment.  Greg and kept elbowing each other as if this was EXACTLY what we needed to hear.  

I thoroughly enjoyed my Conference Weekend.  Besides spending time with family, shirking all other responsibilities, and being completely uplifted and edified, I loved snuggling with Greg on the Love Sac, occasionally being tackled by one of three adorable kids who wanted in on some snuggle time with Dad!


Mindi said...
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Mindi said...

It was good to hear from you. Thank you for your kind words. We have been on a journey of sorts the past few months and the best thing about it (aside from completely changing our outlook and reprioritizing our life...) has been reconnecting with wonderful people who have been so important to us at different points in our lives. I count you among those special reconnections. I am so glad to see you so happy. As an aside, I was also suprised to see a link to the C Jane site on your blog. I work with her hubby...small world. Keep up the sunshine!

Jenni foo foo said...

:) I love everything that comes out of Macy's mouth. And I'm so glad you mentioned Austin helping Aubrey, it was so sweet!