Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Greg's Band

Part of my mission as a blogger is to rectify any false rumors that are possibly being passed around the neighborhood about us. Here is one rumor that may have been started by Austin.
Have any of you gotten into the "Guitar Hero" craze!?! Greg enjoys dabbling in it with my brother-in-law (whose wife actually lets him own a Play Station - she's the greatest!). A couple of weeks ago, when Greg was playing, he was doing so well that he told Austin that he was going to quit his job and join a band. Austin, being the literal-minded thinker that he is, was playing with a friend a few days later. They were playing the "One-Up Game" (in which each person tries to outdo the other person and the sentences always start with "Oh yeah, my..." or "Guess what! My..."). We overheard Austin say, "Oh yeah, well my dad's going to quit his job and join a band." be a kid again and believe that your parents can do anything!


Greg said...

Matt's new 80's Guitar Hero ROCKS! I just need to grow out my Mullet again and peg my stone-washed jeans! Rock On!!!

Emily said...

Don't forget the gold chain! You're so hot!