Monday, July 30, 2007

May The Force Be With You

I don't know what it is with little boys, but they seem to born with an innate passion for "Star Wars." I think they should rename the Y Chromosome, the "Star Wars" Chromosome. Austin is no exception. He loves all the movies, and anything can turn into a Lightsaber (yard sticks, hairbrushes, golf clubs, etc.). Yesterday, during lunchtime, the kids weren't eating (Surprise!). Greg was using one of our typical and more successful tactics in getting the kids to eat: humor. In a very exaggerated, funny voice, Greg said, "If you don't eat, I'm going to force that sandwich down your throat." Austin looked at him and said very seriously, "Dad...You don't have the force."

1 comment:

Greg said...

I make an excellent ligt-saber sound and meditate (nap) better than anyone on the Jedi Council... Oh young Austin Padawan... when will you learn how to manage you feelings...
(guess we should lay off the Star Wars videos for a while).