Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Week of Many "Firsts"

Macy's First Dentist Appointment:
We went to the dentist on Tuesday, and Macy got her teeth checked for the first time. She did fabulous! She wants so desperately to be like Austin (all grown up) that she just climbed on the chair, laid back, and opened her mouth. No tears or crying. Of course, our dentist is brilliant and has installed television sets on the ceiling. So, Macy and Austin got to watch Nickelodeon while they had their teeth cleaned and checked. We don't have Nickelodeon at home, so it was even more of an anomaly. Unfortunately, Austin had one cavity and I had two (of course). I never had a cavity until I had children, now I just expect it after a pregnancy. I'm always amazed at the various parts of my body that pregnancy effects. Who would have guessed that rotting teeth, hair loss, and foot size change because of a baby!?!Austins First Day of School (1st Grade):
Austin started school on Wednesday. He is in Miss Rachael's class, and she is amazing! He is very lucky to have her. Austin got up and was ready for school at about 7:10 (dressed, bed made, piano practiced, and backpack ready). Impressive (but we'll see how long that lasts). I dropped him off, and he found his good friend, Parker to sit by on the story rug. He was so excited! On the way out of the parking lot, I hit the fire hydrant. Nice! The parking lot was full, so I parked in a gravel area with quite a few weeds. I was backing out and hit something. When I pulled forward, I realized that the fire hydrant was covered with huge weeds and I didn't see it. So, first day of school came with the first dent in the van. Oops!

Austin waltzed in the door at 3:30 without his backpack or lunchbox. When I asked him where they were, he said that he couldn't find them when he left. I'm thinking in my head ("A brand new backpack and lunchbox...and they didn't even last one day"). Luckily, my mom was at our house (we went to Costco while Austin was at school), and she very patiently drove him back to school. The backpack was in the cabinet, exactly where he left it. What am I going to do with that boy! We celebrated with a box of doughnuts and a pencil cake with the neighbor kids.

Paige's First Taste of Food:
We started feeding Paige food this past week. We started with rice cereal, then some oatmeal cereal. We have since added bananas and carrots (not at the same time). She loves it! As soon as we put it in her mouth, she starts humming and kicking her feet. She learned very quickly to open her mouth when she sees the spoon. And she's getting better at controlling her tongue. Don't worry - she still makes a huge mess. I especially love it when she has a mouth full of bright orange carrots and decides to grab her bib and shove it in her mouth. Orange everywhere!First Fruit of the Season:
My tomatoes are finally starting to ripen, and I picked some for lunch today. I had a delicious cucumber and tomato bagel sandwich today. It was soooo good! Fresh picked tomatoes - one of my very favorite things in the whole world. I love this time of the year. I have a ton of them if anyone wants some. I also have a lot of zucchini. Just give me a call or stop by if you want some. (As you can see, Paige is almost sitting up - just a couple more weeks.)


Jen said...

Oh, I love this post! And I LOVE the picture of Macy with the tomatoes!

Emily said...

I know - I love that picture, too. She was cradling them and pretending that they were her "babies." She can be so adorable!

Greg said...

My rendition of these firsts:
1.First dental bills (orthodontic for sure in the future).
2.First relaxing afternoon for Emily with Austin in school. She can get a lot more done now.
3.No more soft breast milk poo. Here comes the yucky, sticky, stinky diapers.
4.vile weeds (nuff said about plain tomatoes).

Just kidding Em, I love these pictures. I can't believe Austin is in 1st grade. Also, enjoys those tomatoes, Hon... she seriously waits all year for them to come around.