Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thank You

Thank you to all of you for your kind words of faith and encouragement.  One of the reasons that I love blogging is that I actually felt much better after writing all my worries down.  For me, there is just something about getting out of head that helps me deal.  I know that I have so much support and that I can rely on so many of you at any moment.  So, please don't be surprised if my older kids wander over to your house famished, or un-bathed, or wearing the same clothes three days in a row.  When I think about it rationally, I know I can leave one baby and go grocery shopping with the other one (although I am definitely looking into grocery delivery - excellent idea, Kristy), I can order summer/school clothes online, and I can send people to the store to grab yet another package of diapers.  We will make it!  I just had to breakdown for a few minutes.  The first of many, I'm sure.  If these "Breakdown Posts" become more frequent, just read it and just realize that it is my therapy.  Chances are, if I can just vent, half the stress dissipates.  I really do feel your love and support, and words cannot express how grateful I feel for all of you.

We went to the doctor again yesterday.  Although they were being quite modest, I think it is safe to say that we are having twin boys.  I've always thought I would have another boy, but when I first found out that I was pregnant, I was hoping for a girl.  I wanted a girl because I already have a bunch of clothes (that are not eight years old), I wouldn't have to re-paint any bedrooms, and we already had a named picked out.  Those are high-quality, excellent reasons for wanting a girl - don't you think?!?  Tuesday night, I started feeling a little bit sad because I had gotten used to the idea of boys.  What if we went in and they were actually girls?  I didn't know how I would feel.  But, we are having boys that are still extremely active (yep - definitely our children).  Time to go through Austin's old clothes and see if anything is salvageable.  I'm thankful that everyone will have a brother and everyone will have a sister.  Greg loves having his brothers, and I absolutely cherish my sisters.  What a huge blessing for my kids!  Now we have to think about names.  My mind turns to mush when I try to think about that.  I seriously can't think clearly at all when it comes to names.  Do they have to match, or are we going to be lucky to just agree on two regardless if they go together?  I can't keep my three kids straight right now, do I really want twins whose names start with the same letter?  How do we decide which one gets which name?  Tough!  I am definitely stumped!

Everything else looks good and healthy.  I will see Dr. Draper every two weeks and have an ultrasound every time.  They will mostly check blood flow and fluid.  Every other visit, they will examine the organs in depth.  Dr. Draper's main focus is the babies (he doesn't weigh me, do urine samples, or take my blood pressure, etc. when I see him - Hallelujah).  I will still see Dr. Hansen regularly for all my needs.  He will monitor my body.  We feel so blessed to have two incredible doctors.  Dr. Draper's specialty is in the miscarriage realm, but has really focused on multiple births in the past several years.  We are in good hands.  

Enough about the three of us, let me talk about my sweet Paige for a few minutes.  Don't you just adore this picture of her!?!  It reminds me of Holly Hobby.  She was all the rage when I was Macy's age (the 1970s equivalent to the Disney Princess obsession).   
Paige has recently figured out how to take her clothes off, especially her pajamas.  For about a week now, when I go to check on her at night, I see her jammies on the floor over the side of her bed or they are unzipped and only hanging on by the feet.  I've just laughed it off - until yesterday.  Yesterday, she not only took off her jammies at night and her clothes during her nap, but she took the diaper off as well.  Suddenly, this new talent of hers is not nearly as adorable.  After washing all the linens and airing out the urine smell, I've decided we are going to have the pin the zipper down or something.  She is just getting too smart for her own good.  

She is also a crazy climber and extremely inventive.  She hauls little chairs and stools all around the house to get what she wants.  Sometimes she will even use two or three devices to get to a higher surface.  My little engineer creates her own tower.  She also likes to pull out successive drawers and use them for her ladder.  I've found her sitting on the kitchen counter, on top of the bathroom counter "cleaning" the mirror with Greg's toothbrush, and standing on top of the piano reaching for something on the mantle.  Crazy and dangerous!  My little baby is turning into an ingenious, precocious little toddler.      

Funny side note:  As I'm typing this, Paige is occupying herself with puzzles (her obsession) and Claire and Macy are playing Polly Pocket with the doll house.  Claire is the mom and I just heard her say (in a very tired, exhausted voice): "I just can't deal with all this crap."  I am laughing so hard that tears are streaking down my face.  I hope you are laughing too, Jackie.  These kids are hilarious!


Paige said...

I love your venting & de-stressing posts. They make me realize that it's okay to not just put up the happy-go-lucky days of life on my blog :)
I know you will be a great mother of 5, I know you don't see it yourself, but we all do! - the Lord will without a doubt make you & Greg equal to the task & give you plenty of neighbors & friends that will help at the drop of a hat.
Twin boys! How exciting! I am loving my boy like I never thought I would. I was so biased towards girls because of Polly & only having nieces, no nephews.
Good luck in the name dept. I LOVE Emmett, it's my maiden name but Lorin has veto'd it for now. I don't think the names have to match at all (but some people really do try to coordinate names, so if you luck out that way then good for you!), they will grow into whatever you choose for them!

Malisa said...

Congratulations on your boys.

My daughter (25 months) also loves to strip down in her bed. Most morning she is in her diaper, but others she is in the buff. She is also developing a talent for having her diaper "fall off" as she runs around. I guess that's easier to do when you'll (she'll) only wear dresses. Sigh.

Jackie said...

Well you know that Paige is a favorite of my kids. She is so stinking cute. And I love the comment from Claire. I don't know where she would get that from.... Thanks for the laugh!

Jenni foo foo said...

Ah...paigey is so sweet! And I was laughing so so HARD at Claire's comment!! So so funny!!
You're fab.
How about Hank and Frank???

Lindsay said...

O MY! I am laughing so hard at the "I just can't deal with all this crap" comment. It's so dang true all the time! Little does she know what she is in for...

johnsonfamily said...

Hey Emily

This is Amy Taylor from the Walden Hills neighborhood, found your blog through katie O's. So you're having twins. . . welcome to the club. Having twins has been such a blessing in our family. I have loved ALMOST every minutes of it. My twins are 5 now and although the first year is a little fuzzy it really is so much fun.

Liz said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy/twins/boys! How exciting and crazy all at once.

Paige is a beautiful princess.