Wednesday, November 19, 2008

For The Love of Shoes

Okay, I am generally against hosting "parties" in my home.  I don't ever want people to feel "pressured" into anything.  So, I am having a shoe party next Monday (I won't post all the details here because I don't want everyone on the Internet to know my address, but if you didn't get an invite and want to come, just email me or give me a call).  This is VERY DIFFERENT than any other party I've ever been to, so I thought I would give you some information.

  • There is no "sales presentation."  These wonderful ladies come and set up a shoe display in my living room, and we sit around talking and eating yummies while picking out shoes.  The wonderful ladies then go out to their giant, mobile shoe store parked in the driveway and get us the sizes we need.  Next, we try shoes on to our hearts content, do a little catwalk modeling, and if we like them, we buy them and TAKE THEM HOME THAT NIGHT!  It's amazing!
  • The prices are very reasonable.  I would say that they are comparable to Payless prices.  And they do have some kids shoes.
  • They assured me that they would have their boots in stock by November.  
  • Please don't feel pressure to buy anything!  Although it is Christmas, and if you want/need shoes, you can just do what my mom does: She purchases her own presents, brings the bags/boxes home, and then instructs my dad to wrap them and put them under the tree.  She is brilliant!  Occasionally, she'll wear one of her "presents" to a Christmas party and then wrap it up for Christmas morning.  
I know the party is on Monday night (I booked it three months ago and this was all they had open until after Christmas), so please stop by after Family Home Evening if you want.  Even if you don't buy anything, just come and visit for a few minutes.  I would love to see you!


Alexie said...

em, what time are you starting?

Jenni foo foo said...


Emily said...

Lex - 7:00 is the start time. You should have gotten an invite in the mail today with all the details.

Paige said...

I got your invite, but our RS is going as a group to see Twilight. On a Monday night? I know. Weird, but that's how it worked out with schedules & tickets. Anyway, it's the 7:00 show so I bet the party will be over by the time the movie is over. Maybe I'll call & see because I would love to come by!