Monday, November 17, 2008

All on a Sunday Ride to Grandma's House

"Mom, I've been thinking about building some jet packs so we don't even have to use cars anymore."

Excellent Idea!

"Mom, somebody at school told me about a Booger Guy."

Me: A Booger Guy?  What on earth is she talking about?

Greg (laughing):  "You mean the 'Boogie Man'?"

Macy: "Yeah, that's what I said - the Boogie Man.  But I don't believe them.  I think that guy is just betend." 


Jana said...

Your kids sure are thinkin!!
I'm glad Macy knows the booger man is just betend.
Kids are so entertaining...

Jenni foo foo said...

Knowing Austin, he'll probably invent that soon. :)

Allyson said...

Priceless!!! You're so great to document those cute things.

Jackie said...

Love it! I love what kids say. Makes me wonder where they come up with them.

BTW- I've missed reading your thankful/gratitude list. :-)

Krainich Family said...

That is too cute

Andee said...

laughing...a booger guy! That's too funny!