Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Father's Day (while it is still June)

To illustrate what kind of father my husband is, I thought I would review my children's reaction to him:

Baseball season ended last Saturday. The Mighty Braves took 3rd Place in the regular season and 2nd Place in the Tournament. Because of the babies, I haven't been able to attend many games. Thankfully, my mom came over Saturday morning so I could watch the Championship Game.

The last few years, we have played T-Ball at Gene Fulmer. T-Ball is hilarious! The parents can run the bases with their kids. No matter how far you hit it, you run to first base and stop. The inning ends when everyone has a chance to hit, and the last batter runs around the bases regardless of how the ball is played. When someone hits the ball, everyone in the field runs to the ball and pounces on top of it. This often resembles tackle football. My personal favorite: When time is up, the game is over. It doesn't matter if you are in the middle of an inning - the game stops. Hilarious!

This year, we decided to sign him up for the Pony League. His age-group was still machine-pitch. (Personally, I think it should be machine-pitch until they are about eleven.) These players are SERIOUS! Some of them have been playing in this league since they were three years old, and are very, very good ball players. Austin was the Most-Improved Player this season (how is that for sounding like the diplomatic mother that I am). Poor kid couldn't hit the ball to save his life when the season started, and he spent most of the time pulling the grass in right field. Thanks to excellent, patient coaches, and a couple of trips to the batting cages, by the middle of the season, he was hitting the ball (infield and getting out at first base - but hitting it). Near the end of the season, he actually got on base a couple of times. Then, last week, he not only got on base, but scored for the first time.

Several parents told me of the look on his face when he stepped on home plate for the first time. His eyes widened in excited surprise and they started scanning the stands for one person - his dad. Greg was found cheering uncontrollably as they shared this moment of sheer bliss. He did it! And he shared this moment with the most important person in his life - his dad!

That night, we also attended another event - Macy's dance performance. I stayed in the Green Room with her until the show started (applying last minute make-up which she loved), so Greg got us a seat. We were on the side of the auditorium on the second row. By the time I got there, Greg had the video camera set up and ready to go. Since we were on the side, we could see the dancers get ready in the wings.

A couple of songs before her performance, we saw Macy and her class standing on the side, waiting their turn. Oblivious to her audience, we laughed as Macy watched the other dancers and shook her cute, little booty in time with the music. A few minutes before her number, she caught sight of us and waved with such enthusiasm. I saw her tap her friend on the shoulder, point to us, and say, "That's my daddy." Halfway through the performance, she stopped completely for a few beats to give her daddy another wave. Her eyes light up when she sees him.

The other kids adore him just as much. Paige speeds to the door when she hears it open. Daddy, daddy! And he is so involved with the twins. He is up at night with feedings, gives them baths, and changes diapers like a pro. He plays with the kids, makes them giggle (and laughs along with them), has fun traditions at bedtime, and is so snuggly with all of them. I learn so much from watching him.

We love you!


Tera said...

how in the world do you have time to blog? Don't you love it when kids love their daddies so much? I'm glad my kids love their daddy as much as I do!

Alexie said...

Greg really IS awesome! My kids love him almost a much as there own dad.

Fauset Photography said...

Seriously, I can't believe you have time to do anything but nap. You are a dancing queen. :)

Paskins Family said...

Impressive. I love the pictures with your kids and their dad. That is so special.