Saturday, January 24, 2009

Separated at Birth

This is what Paige's hair looks like when she wakes up in the morning or from a nap:
She must rub her head back and forth from side to side until her little curls turn into nappy frizz.  I can't help it; she reminds me of Charlie Bucket.  However, I just can't bring myself to cut off her curls because I know they will be gone forever, and I LOVE them (almost as much as I love her)!  

Paige's Latest Obsessions:
  • Trying to talk in complete sentences
  • Showering (with bathing a close 2nd) - She'll take three a day sometimes
  • Saying "Oh sorry" when she hurts someone
  • The word "no" (she is almost two)
  • All animals
  • Singing
  • "Cookies" (any sort of cracker) in a cup
  • Taunting Macy
  • "Reading" on her own
  • Elmo & "Beauty" (any of the Disney Princesses)
  • Taelyn
  • Puzzles!!!


Kim and Brian said...

Don't cut those gorgeous curls off. Just let them grow. She is just beautiful the way she is. :) Cute pic!!

Jen-ben said...

I love that picture of Charlie...hillarious!!
Paige is way way too sweet!

Jackie said...

We all love Paige. She is so cute! I agree with Kim- don't cut them off!