Sunday, January 18, 2009

An After-School Conversation

Me: So, Austin, how was your first ever Spelling Bee?

Austin: We didn't have it?

Me: Why not?  (Honestly, we have be practicing for two weeks!)

Austin: Cocoa died, and all the girls were crying so we couldn't have the Spelling Bee.  Why do girls cry so much?  (Cocoa was their class pet - a guinea pig.)

Me:  That's just what girls do, especially when something dies.  Were you sad?  

Austin: A little, but we wrote letters to Cocoa.

Macy:  It's okay, Austin, don't be sad.  Jesus just has to recognize him and then he'll come back alive.

Austin:  (Always quick to correct his sister)  Mace, I think you mean "resurrect."  Yeah.  Maybe in three days.

Me:  (Laughing) Well, Christ was resurrected after three days, but I think it will take a little longer for Cocoa.  (They are sort of getting it, right?!?)


Jackie said...

That is hilarious!

Jana said...

Wow, sounds like a tough time at school! Poor girls couldn't even spell through their grief...
I'm glad the guinea pig will be recognized in three days.

Cherise Davies said...

How funny! I love kids' conversations-especially about gospel subjects :) too cute!

La Toya said...


Jenni foo foo said...

I love this story so much!!!