Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Yesterday, Macy came home with this:

On the back was a note (Warning: It's quite personal. You might blush. I did.)

"Macy I love you. I was crazy becas I loved you so much. I wanted to give this to you Love Braxton"

I read it to her when she got home from school. Over dinner, she handed it to Greg and asked him to read it again. He said:

"Dear Macy: I don't like you. I think girls are yucky. Please don't ever talk to me again."

Macy (with her head turned to the side and a giant eye roll - but a smirk on her face): Dad! Mom already read it to me. I want you to read it again.

So Greg read it correctly. Afterward, he said: Macy! I don't want to have to beat up a Kindergartner. You are not allowed to have boys like you already!

Macy: Dad! It doesn't mean that he wants to go on a date with me! It just means that he's crazy because of my singing. (She takes a bite and continues in a very matter-of-fact voice.) Besides, I'm not dating anyone right now.

We laughed, and then I asked her if she knew how old she had to be in order to date. She sighed and said, "Yes...as old as you."

Moral of the Story: We deserve a pat on the back! I think all good parents should know who their six-year-old is dating. We are definitely on top of this one.

* * *

On an unrelated note:

Macy was reading her take-home books tonight. She was reading a book called "The Animals of Canada." It said things like: "This is a moose. It lives in Canada." She came to the last page. It read: "This is a loon. It lives in Canada." Macy read it once and looked up to me: "Does that say 'loon'?" I confirmed it. She said, "That doesn't sound like a real word to me."


Anonymous said...
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Jackie said...

Hahaha....so cute! I love the singing comment.

Jana said...

Wow, Braxton really knows how to write a love note! I don't think even my husband ever said he was crazy because he loved me so much...
And yes, definitely good parenting. She's not dating anyone right now. LOVE it.

Alexie said...

Wow! That is some talented singing to drive all the boys crazy!

Jen-ben said...

That was seriously the best moment EVER!!

Kim and Brian said...

Oh my gosh, too funny:D I'm coming to your house for dinner. It sounds very entertaining.

Anonymous said...