Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The other morning, as I lay in bed feeding a baby (not sure which one), my mind contemplated the Israelites. I thought about the fact that they wandered for 40 years in the wilderness, and every day, manna fell from heaven. The people gathered the manna and ate what they needed - no more, no less. Every morning, without fail, the Lord provided.

One of my concerns, when I first found out that I was having twins, was the strength (or lack of strength) of my body. Although I was once told (by a well-intentioned gynecologist) that I have "excellent birthing hips," my body simply was not made for baby-making. I won't bore you with all of the details, but one of them has to do with the lack of breast milk. With my first three babes, I tried everything to increase my milk supply. When Macy (my child who refused the bottle) actually lost weight between her six and nine-month checkups, the doctor said, "Some women have cream; you have water." When I did stop nursing her, I quit cold turkey and didn't feel engorged at all! My body simply does not produce well.

Early on in my pregnancy with Spencer and Kade, I was caught up in my many worries about the daunting task of twins. Even with the use of miracle medication, my body could hardly grow one baby, how on Earth was it suppose to grow two??? My answer: The Lord will provide. That early morning, listening to the birds wake up and watching the sun creep over the valley, I understood that my increased lactation was just another way that the Lord was providing for my babes.

Just like manna, every three hours, my body creates the sustenance needed for these babies. After feeding two starving children, I feel completely depleted and I look like I have two empty balloons hanging from my chest. Amazingly, while I go about my normal duties, without even noticing it, I gradually fill up to the point of bursting just about the time that desperate, hungry cries cause the milk to drop. I produce just the right amount to feed my babies - no more, no less.

I hardly think I could stand on the pulpit and bear testimony of the miracle of lactation, but every time I see one of those searching little mouths start to suckle, my faith is renewed. Our bodies are miraculous (I should love mine more). The Lord thought of everything...everything! The Lord will provide - He does provide.

Just look what that milk has done to my boy's cheeks (4 months tomorrow). Oh, and I think that the Lord may have forgotten to give them each a neck. Oh well, minor detail.

p.s. They found each other tonight. They were on the floor, and for the first time, they caught each other's eyes and started a conversation. They were cooing and squeaking while reaching out with their arms and kicking their legs in excitement. It was beyond adorable!


Roccy said...

They are 4 months old!? When did that happen?

And necks . . . who needs 'em?

They are absolutely darling, precious, adorable little men!

What a lovely post! I'm glad your little guys are getting their manna from mama.

Alexie said...

Neck Schmeck- look at those faces!

Jana said...

I've been thinking about how amazing lactation is lately, too! All the sudden there's milk waiting, and sure enough, he's hungry! And if it's not there yet, it comes as soon as he starts sucking!
I lost my milk with Emma around 5 months, so I'm like you, just waiting to see if it holds out longer for this one! I trust that it will, since everything has been so different so far.

Marianne said...

How are they 4 months old already. I'm a horrible friend that I haven't been to see them yet! I'll plan a trip up to see you soon.

Mommy O'Mara said...

Beautifully put, says another mother, who had a tough time at first, but ending up loving lacation! Thank you.

Jen-ben said...

They are SO stinkin CUTE!!!