Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Latest Crush

I'm really starting to like these two. I've always loved them because they are my babies, but I'm starting to like them for who they are. As their personalities emerge more and more each day, I really like having them in my life.

Last night, we had a movie night. We spent the first 10 minutes convincing Kade that it is okay to have the lights off. He is obsessed with lights and insists that they are all on at all times. He is constantly pulling stools, boxes, buckets, dump trucks, whatever he can find to climb on and turn on the lights.

Anyway, a few minutes into the movie, Kade went and found a blanket and climbed up on the couch next to me. A few minutes later, he got down and came back with a pillow. He climbed up next to me, nestled into his pillow and we covered him with his giant blanket. A few minutes later, he got down and came back with salad tongs.

So random.

We snuggled through the rest of the movie with him leaning on his pillow, snuggled into his blanket, one arm around my neck, the other hand holding his salad tongs. When I tried to describe the situation to Greg, he said, "I guess you had to be there." Maybe. I just thought it was so funny.

At one point, I scratched my head, and then Kade scratched my head(all without taking his eyes off the movie). I just sat there and thought, "I sure do like you."

Spencer is in the stage: "If I can't see you, then you can't see me." It is so funny. When he's been a bit of a stinker, or if I'm calling him, or teasing him, I will often find him sitting on the couch with his hands over his eyes. Today, I found him on the floor of his bedroom, lying down, holding perfectly still, with his hands over his eyes. The other day, when he was supposed to be napping, I could hear that he was definitelyNOT sleeping. When I opened the door, I saw two little feet sticking out from under the bed. Again, the owner of those legs was statuesque, silent, and if you looked closelyenough, he was probably even holding his breath. I was supposed to be upset because he wasn't asleep, but I just shrugged and thought, "I really, really like you."

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