Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Goodbye Butterflies (sniff...sniff)

Well, I finally broke down and painted the babies room so it will look a little more boy-ish.  It was incredibly difficult for me, and I tried my best to make it work somehow so I could keep my beloved butterflies.  Someone suggested that I just add green frogs hopping around.  But, anyway you look at it, two little boys need to live in the room for the next several years, and there are pink and purple butterflies everywhere you look.  I felt obligated to put a little more effort into creating "their space."

I am horrible at home decorating.  I'm not very good at it, and I have a difficult time actually spending money.  So, put that combination together, and it is a definite talent that I admire in others and love to see other people's homes, but it just overwhelms me to do my own.  Therefore, any decorating project is painful for me.  When I was pregnant with Macy, my sister-in-law Aimee (who is Queen of All Things Crafty) helped me (who starts sweating just walking into a store like Michaels or Roberts) stamp these adorable butterflies swarming around the room.  I found an equally adorable butterfly crib set that matched perfectly (and was on clearance at Target - even better) to match.  My girls have absolutely loved their own little butterfly garden, as have several nieces and friends that come into our home.  

To make things even more adorable, my mom pieces a quilt together for all of her grandchildren.  (She even hand-quilted Austin's.  When she handed it to me, she said, "Here, give this to his wife one day."  I have that beautiful piece of work safely tucked away.)  This is the one that she made for Macy, and it matched the room perfectly.  This picture DOES NOT do it justice.  You should see the detail in the fabric and each little square.  It is beautiful! 

To prove to you how difficult this was, I've actually had the room taped up since February.  But, finally, last weekend, I succumbed and painted it a very manly brown to match the new bedding.  I will post pictures when I finish.  I went to put up the new window valence, and it didn't fit.  So, I had to order another panel.  Not expensive - just time consuming.  Some people would probably think to measure a window before purchasing a valence.  Like I said, I'm not very good at this decorating thing.


Kim and Brian said...

I bet it was hard to paint over those darling walls. I can't wait to see the new room with the brown.

You mom is absolutely amazing. That quilt is beautiful and the time she put into is all I can say. I love quilts especially the old fashioned block styles like Macey's. I still have the quilt my grandma made for me. It's worn, soft and one of my most treasured items. There is nothing like a quilt from grandma.

Marianne said...

At least you attempt to decorate. Collin's room has been painted light green since we moved her almost 3 years ago. We've been meaning to accessorize but haven't. So it's still just green paint with nothing on the walls. Now I don't like the color but don't know what to paint it. So I've just given up.

Elizabeth said...

That room is so cute. I love butterflies. It will be so fun to see what you do for these cute little boys though!

Jen-ben said...

Ah...tender. I want to see the new painted room!