Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kade Age 4

Nicknames: Kadester
  • My most sensitive, loving, sweet child. He is always saying, "I love you, Mama" or "I sure like you."
  • He loves his Mama. He is mine. 
  • He is our peacemaker. He doesn't like anybody to be in trouble, and always tries to set it straight.
  • He tends to stutter a little when talking, especially when he's really excited.
  • Loves "Cat-in Hook" (translation: Captain Hook), Mater, and monster trucks.
  • Loves reading stories.
  • Is up almost every night, and loves climbing in our bed. He is almost always the first one up in the morning.
Birthday Interview
Favorite color: blue
Favorite thing to do: Play with trucks
Favorite friend: "Bence is"
Favorite food: cottage cheese
Favorite show: Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Favorite book: Bitsy, Bitsy Spider
Favorite song: ABCs
Favorite animal: Koala. They like to climb trees and eat seaweed.
Favorite place to go: To Mars. He's in space.
What is Dad's name: Greg
What does Daddy like to do:
What is Mom's name: Emily
What does Mommy like to do: Work on the computer.

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